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NATU III 3 bed
NATU III 3 bed
1 800,00 zł
FILIP double bed
FILIP double bed
1 270,00 zł
MATEUSZ 2-person bed
MATEUSZ 2-person bed
1 240,00 zł
TIAGO double bed
TIAGO double bed
1 299,00 zł
ROSANA single bed
ROSANA single bed
1 049,00 zł

Low bunk bed – an alternative for a traditional bunk bed

Arranging a room for two children or teenagers is not a difficult task. A problem arises when the room isn’t very big, which makes it harder to fit all the required furniture there while also providing the children with a place for daily activity. In such situation, it’s a good idea to make use of products that allow us to save valuable space. A great solution is low bunk beds for two that according to a large part of parents make a great alternative for the traditional bunk bed.

Low bed vs. high bed

The difference between a low and high bunk bed for two is that in the latter, one mattress is situated over the other, whereas the upper bad is available by a ladder. In a low bed, one mattress is located in the place where usually is located the bedding compartment and is only slid-out for the nighttime. In the morning it can be slid-back inside, which makes it look just like a single bed. Some models of low bunk beds for two are equipped with a bedding compartment, located under the lower mattress, which means that they utilize the available space perfectly. It is worth noting that this type of bed works not only in rooms for two. The extra mattress can be used for guests.

Safety and comfort for small children

One of the key advantages of low bunk beds for two is considered to be comfort and safety. The concerns related to a high bunk bed usually occur when they are going to be used by small children. Although this type of furniture is equipped with solid protective railings that take away the fear of the child falling off in their sleep, but climbing up and down the ladder may not be very comfortable for a little guy. Low bunk beds for two don’t require climbing up ladders, which translates to comfort and safety of the little ones. Among such beds one can also find models with railings that prevent the child sleeping on the top from falling off. One can usually remove them on their own once they are no longer needed.

The quality of materials and solidity of execution

A bed is a piece of furniture, that is supposed to be used for several, or even over a dozen years. To make it possible, it has to be made of materials that guarantee long durability. The dominating models among low bunk beds for two are ones made of wood. Durability of wooden furniture mostly depends on the type of wood. The most valuable is oak and beech, although they do have their flaw, which is their high price. A wood that shows properties necessary to manufacture solid furniture while also being affordable is pine. It is characterized by its high resistance to mechanical damages, which it owes to its elasticity, as well as being hygroscopic, which means that it doesn’t get ruined when exposed to humidity. Pine low bunk beds for two are recommended especially to those with allergies, as pine tree show anti-static properties, which means it is resistant to accumulated dust. A solid bed should be made of solid boards and not of plywood, the durability of which is significantly lower. On top of that, wooden surfaces have to be covered with impregnating agents to protect them from harmful influence of external factors. Plenty of sellers offer a purchase of a low bunk bed for two together with a mattress. In such case it is important for its type and hardness to fit the child’s needs. The mattress should be kept in a cover that can be taken off and washed any time.

Bed’s aesthetics

The interior aesthetics influence the wellbeing of those inside it, which is why, when picking a bed for a children's room, it’s a good idea to make sure it looks good. It is good news that manufacturers provide an ever expanding selection of low bunk beds for two, so that one can look for many interesting models among them. It also makes it easier to buy a bed that in terms of style and color pattern will make a perfect match for the remaining elements of equipment. Following the wellbeing of the young ones, furniture companies use paints and varnishes that have certificates that confirm their safety for people and the environment.

Proper positioning of the bed

After finding the right bed, the time comes to think about the spot where it should be placed. Not positioning a bed properly can cause discomfort, and sometimes even health problems in a child. What is more, sometimes it causes the piece of furniture occupies more space than if it was positioned properly, which means ruining the effect that could have been achieved thanks to the bunk bed. It is a bad idea to place it next to a radiator or right by a window. When it comes to a low bunk bed for two, picking the location should also take its structure into account. The lower mattress should be able to easily slide out and not press against another piece of furniture, so that the child is provided with comfort and isn’t at risk of injuries.

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