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ROLAND double bed bunk bed

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A bunk bed is one of more important pieces of furniture we’re going to buy for a children's room. It is especially useful in place with slightly smaller space and not many arrangement options. This type of furniture takes as much space as a single bed but it can serve two or even three children. One advantage of a double bed is that it offers not only a comfortable place to rest, but also to play creatively. It’s a good idea to think, however, if the child is old enough to handle using such solution. That’s because the kid’s motor skills are the key here, especially in the context of getting up and down the bed. A child with this kind of problems may struggle with using the ladder despite being 7 or even 8. For children younger than that, a good solution would be something like choosing a model with stairs instead of a ladder. When buying a bunk bed for two children, it’s a good idea to take into account that the kids will certainly play on the upper bed. It means energetic jumping and walking around the bed not only by one but two or sometimes even more kids. That’s why the bed’s structure should be stable. One could also look for a solution like fastening the bed to the wall with extra cantilevers. Roland is a classic bed for two children. Its big advantage is a wide array of colors to choose from, which allows for plenty of arrangement options in a children's room. The headboard, the ladder and the drawers all have an identical color scheme. This piece of furniture was made of solid wood, impregnated with paints and varnishes. These materials are completely safe, as they comply with the required standards. The bed is equipped with tall headboards and railings that prevent the child from slipping out. Communication between the floors is made easier by the ladder with anti-slipping steps. It can be installed both on the right and the left side. The bed is a multi-functional type of furniture. The bunk option can be switched into a different one that allows to create two separate beds. It’s an offer for those who wish to create two sleeping corners for slightly older children. Detailed info on mattresses that can be ordered instead of the standard ones.

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